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Jane's writings on her technique, travels and general pottery articles.

Paper Kiln Firing
by Jane Gibson December 2019
Jane takes you through the stages of her paper kiln firing.

The Brick Fields of North Kent
by Jane Gibson 05th Mar 2007
A look at a bygone age.

Fire pots
by Jane Gibson 06th Mar 2010

An intriguing article about clay pots used in war.

A Bronze Age Firing Experience 2010
by Jane Gibson 23rd Feb 2011

On a visit to Perth in Scotland I came across a Bronze Age Experience Day

Kilmartin Glen
by Jane Gibson 08th Jan 2011

A visit to Kilmartin House Museum and the surrounding prehistoric sites.

A Walk Through Pottery History 2004
by Jane Gibson 08th Aug 2004

Walking the Staffordshire Way reveals the area's past history.

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